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Joel Faxon, Partner
Tim Pothin, Partner
Eric Smith, Partner
Christina Acampora,
Communications Director

Trial Lawyers

Faxon Law Group, widely known for its dynamic generosity in the community and long-time sponsorship of the Faxon Law New Haven Road Race, announced a new partnership with LiveKind that aims to improve community relations between law enforcement and neighborhood youth in all ten districts served by the New Haven Police Department.

Faxon Law Group is investing $25,000 to initiate the program in District 2 (Westville) and will be helping LiveKind secure necessary financing for additional districts. LiveKind and its current community and municipal partners cannot be more pleased to have Joel Faxon, Eric Smith, Tim Pothin, and Christina Acampora so involved and excited about “frontiering” this work. For more information about the firm’s ongoing commitment to the community and their Community Builder fund, we direct you to: faxonlawgroup.com.

Get Involved

We need your help in expanding LiveKind™ to reach and help as many children and adults as possible. There are many ways you can help.

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