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Reducing Anger and Fear Improves Relationships and Learning

How do you get young people to talk honestly and openly about intentional meanness and aggression?


How can you help turn the tide towards empathy and kindness?

LiveKind™ brings the power of youth’s thoughts and emotions, captured on video and combined with a unique facilitation model, that encourages them to change their behavior and improve their world.


LiveKind videos start the conversations that help kids:

  •  Engage in problem solving with trusted adults
  •  Acknowledge the roles they play when bullying situations arise in school, on the bus, online, and on the playground
  •  Increase their awareness of the feelings of others
  •  Develop empathy for themselves and others
  •  Understand their ability to be leaders in affecting positive change in their schools.


Choosing from a library of LiveKind videos, students engage in the “Circle of Conversation™,” a guided dialogue facilitated by an adult. Students problem-solve around challenges such as aggressive behavior, bullying, cyber-bullying and name calling. All of the key components of bullying behavior are addressed by the students, in their own words. LiveKind’s key goals are to reduce aggression, increase empathy and kindness, and to shift school and organizational cultures towards the positive.

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We need your help in expanding LiveKind™ to reach and help as many children and adults as possible. There are many ways you can help.

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