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Livekind™ “Cops & Kids”
A Program to Improve Relationships

How do you get young people to talk honestly and openly about their experiences and feelings about police officers?

How do you get police officers to share their concerns, challenges, and hopes about the kids in the neighborhoods they serve?

How do you get Cops and Kids to clearly know each other as human beings with more in common than they ever imagined?

How do you engage the larger community to move toward shared goals?

Achieving a higher level of thoughtful communication is the focus of LiveKind’s “Cops & Kids,” program.

LiveKind™ brings the power of candid thoughts and emotions to real people and combines the videos with a unique facilitation model and Community Action Plan. This process encourages people to challenge their entrenched points of view, change their behaviors, and positively impact their communities.

The first set of videos for Cops and Kids were produced for the New Haven Police Department and filmed at PAL Camp New Haven. Their content combined with our Training and Facilitation as well as a Community Action Plan works to:

  • Open up dialog about tough issues facing Cops and Kids in the communities they live and work in
  • How to problem solve in a peaceful manner
  • The roles they play in challenging situations in their neighborhoods
  • How to develop empathy for themselves and others
  • Their ability and special opportunity to be leaders in positive change in the neighborhoods and schools
The magic of the program evolves as cops and kids engage in conversations and trust building exercises. They address about aggression, fear, race, police brutality, preconceived notions, profiling, stereotypes, slowing down thought process, and then problem solve and make commitments together.

The final phase of the program, Community Action Plan gives Cops, Kids, and the community a concrete plan of action to keep “living kind.”

LiveKind’s goal is to reduce aggression, increase empathy and kindness, reward cooperation, and to shift both police and neighborhood cultures toward a more positive future.

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