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Using LiveKind™

LiveKind™ offers users four package options at ascending price points. All package options stimulate conversation about issues that kids need to air out and include live or PDF versions of facilitator training. Open, honest discussion stimulates development of empathy, creates new understanding and acceptance of others for who they really are and what they are really feeling. Each package can be used when needed to quell a specific situation and/or used regularly to reinforce LiveKind™ messages.

LiveKind™ training for Teachers and Group Leaders

LiveKind™ has developed a unique facilitation model called “The Circle of Conversation,” to be used to guide conversations among participants during a LiveKind™ session. Our unique three-hour teacher training is designed to teach this facilitation model and then to allow ample time for participants to both experience and practice it with their peers, using LiveKind™ videos as the conversation starters. We recommend live teacher training but a PDF version of the training is available and comes with LiveKind™ Online. The training also covers some bullying prevention groundwork: 1) defining the key players in a bullying situation, 2) modeling and explaining the ground rules that have been developed for the program, 3) distinguishing between types of peer-to-peer aggression and 4) talking about the role that teachers, administrators and group leaders play in setting a tone and modeling the culture of kindness in a school, program, or organization.

LiveKind™ Online

LiveKind™ Online provides users access to a library of LiveKind™ videos that are updated at least annually. The videos demonstrate the four roles of bullying situations (target, aggressor, bystander, and ally), the types of bullying (verbal, physical, emotional, cyber-bullying, exclusion) and some specific “hot spot” topics. The videos depict a variety of age-appropriate content and present a diverse group of children.

LiveKind™ Online Plus

LiveKind™ Online Plus includes the full LiveKind™ library offered in LiveKind™ Online, and subscribers also receive an on-site, professional training for up to 40 participants by certified LiveKind™ trainers (available only in Connecticut until further notice). Cost varies according to number of subscriptions purchased. Contact us to discuss any questions regarding our programs and how they can benefit your school or organization.

LiveKind™ Custom

Custom offers a full video shoot at your school(s) and delivery of five to six videos developed specifically for your location(s). This custom program addresses specific issues of concern to your school(s), provides complete teacher training, educational materials and necessary legal documents. Legal support documents include: releases for the interview subjects, contracts for your Board of Education to grant LiveKind™ access, as well as copies of our Code of Conduct and mandated reporting for LiveKind™ personnel while filming your kids. These documents ensure that we meet your expectations and satisfy concern over liability issues.

LiveKind™ Pricing

Users may choose to:

(1) Purchase a Starter Subscription for $19.99 providing two-week access to three videos from the library and a downloadable sample of the teacher facilitation guide. Starter Subscription can be purchased directly from the Shopping Cart.

(2) LiveKind™ Online – Purchase a one year, renewable, access (license) to all videos in our library and a full copy of our online teacher facilitation guide: $799. Call or email to activate.

(3) LiveKind™ Online Plus
Per school or organization: $2499.00
3 + Schools (in same school district) or
3 + Affiliated Organizations: $1999 each

Training available in groups of two schools or organizations – up to 40 people per training. In each case above you will receive: one year, renewable, access (license) to all our videos (the Library will be added to annually), our downloadable teacher facilitation guide, the comprehensive LiveKind™, 3 hour on-site teacher training and up to 3 hours telephone and e-mail consultation as needed. Call or email to activate.

(4) LiveKind™ Custom – We collaborate with you to create 5-6 videos at your school with your students as participants based on content we work together to develop. Additionally, receive the LiveKind™ comprehensive, on-site LiveKind™ teacher training, 3 hours telephone and e-mail consultations as needed, a full printed copy of our teacher facilitation guide, and annually renewable Library access for $799 per year. Call or email to begin discussing implementation.

Get Involved

We need your help in expanding LiveKind™ to reach and help as many children and adults as possible. There are many ways you can help.

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