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If you like what you have seen on this website we want you to find a way to participate. Let’s find a way you can help us spread the word. “Kindness and empathy work.

• Sign up for programs!!!
• Become a Member!!!
• Use LiveKind™

Become a Corporate Partner

“Cause Marketing” works for the people served by LiveKind™ and for YOU!

We have several levels of corporate involvement. Each provides your for-profit organization a way to become actively involved in solving some of the most challenging problems faced by our culture. Association with a positive, and very different, educational initiative that generously stands up for kids is a huge win, win.

Partner with a particular school, a school district or your city’s Police Department

Become a Private Donor

There are very few whose lives have been untouched by bullying. There are very few who do not recoil at the polarization of Law Enforcement and community. Any amount you choose to give will be used well and very appreciated by the kids who will be impacted.

Thank you!

Partner With Us

Join the growing number of like-minded non-profits that are becoming LiveKind™ partners. We all have the same issues. The cliché is true: there is strength in numbers.

Kids and Parents

  • Introduce us to your school or police department – we’ll come and make a presentation

  • Share us on the social media you use

  • Sign up for a Casting Call. Tell us about your experiences and feelings related to bullying or Cops. You could be called for our next production week.


  • Crowd fund with us
  • Advocate for us
  • Help set up events
  • Pick something else to do. Being a passive bystander won’t help.
  • Smile when you are recognized as a “LiveKinder”

Learn Moreinfo@live-kind.org
There are lots of “win/win” reasons to choose LiveKind™ as a partner! Contact Us to Discuss Now!

LiveKind, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization - Your contribution is tax-deductible

Get Involved

We need your help in expanding LiveKind™ to reach and help as many children and adults as possible. There are many ways you can help.

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