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Three very different kids talk about cliques: the role they serve, who's in what group, how they form, and the pluses and minuses of their experiences.

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Victims Become Bullies

Don’t turn into one of them. Aggression creates aggression. Being bullied makes you angry and then you may bring your anger towards others, thereby becoming the bully toward other students.

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Being Mean

Meanness and aggressive behavior can be contagious. One can become mean as a function of being treated in a mean way. We need to learn how to not be mean.

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Bullying: Body Image and Sexuality

University graduate students, undergraduates and a professor speak about how we mirror what we feel about ourselves as a result of having been taunted about sexuality, body size, and not being prototypically pretty.

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The Bus

“If our bus driver had eyes the back of his head he would definitely see all the talking and the pushing and the touching of each other …” There is a lot that goes unseen by adults.

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Turning Bad Feelings Around

The value of self-acceptance and need for acceptance by others are the core of this video. Stand up for yourself. A good relationship is when the people in it accept each other for who they are and appreciate their human differences.

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Differences and Reactions

Unfortunately, perceived differences in appearance are often the cause of mean behavior. Who we are really has nothing to do with how we dress or what we look like.

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