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Speaking the Truth

All of us deserve respect, including those of us who are in a wheelchair. Kids speak to how behavioral change can be affected by listening and seeing others for who they really are.

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Cyber Bullying

Kids talk about the impact of texts, tweets, and posts online; rumors, pictures, mistruths. Students talk about the impact of rumors, on themselves and others. This video encourages stronger school monitoring to create safety for kids.

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Changing Schools

When switching schools, it took time to figure out how to fit in. Teachers made a big difference in the new school. They were easier to talk to and were more helpful than in her previous school. This video is really about the effect school climate has on productivity and performance.

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See The Real Me

A teen, with a skin condition called Cystic Acne, talks about being targeted for her appearance. She speaks to how that feels, how it causes distraction to focus, what it’s like being judged by others for something out of her control. She is further impacted by her school guidance counselor’s inadequate response.

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You Are Who You Are

You can be short or really tall, skinny or fat. Everyone’s physical characteristics are different. How your body develops has nothing to do with your personality. We have to learn not to take what others say about us personally. Be proud of who you are!

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Bullying 101

University graduate students, undergraduates and a professor speak about what bullying means to them. They speak about their own experiences with mean behavior. Insecurity, lack of support, and exclusion cause bullying. People hear about it all the time and still may shrug it off and do nothing.

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Aggressive behavior can be intolerable. It can cause you to want to stay home instead of going to school. Writing on the wall in the bathroom (literally) is oddly similar to cyber bullying. There have been a lot of unnoticed tears shed.

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Different Schools

“I was picked on a lot at my old school. The more I tried to fit in the more uncomfortable I became. Things got better at a different school because there was less judgment and more acceptance for who I am.” Dialogue about the absolute difference a positive school climate makes.

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Calling People Gay

Profiling and making assumptions about a person’s sexuality causes self-doubt, sadness and anger, especially during puberty when a person is learning to understand himself or herself. This film makes a strong statement about the value of GSA groups.

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Rumors and Betrayal

Kids talk about becoming allies, taking a stand for other kids, and watching others to be sure they're ok. It can be a challenge to fit in. Adults can be powerful allies in the school. Mentions the power of having adult allies in the school.

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Don’t Want to Go to School

Kids speak about how repeated bullying makes them want to not go to school. It causes isolation, distraction and inability to think. Talking about being fearful begins the healing process.

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